Individual, Couples, and Group Counseling Services

DeAne is able to work with you on a wide variety of concerns and specialties in her individual, couples and group counseling services. Learn More.


Individual Counseling

In individual therapy, our focus at Live Life Counseling and Consulting is to guide you in resolving the issues that brought you to counseling and to help you establish or reestablish your life as a thriving, nurturing person. The first step is to help you recognize the goals you seek to achieve. Then, using therapeutic yet mindful methods, our counseling acts to enliven and release the forces of positive growth already present within you. You accomplish your goals and grow beyond negative patterns from the past, empowered to move forward with freedom in your life.

However, many times people find that the initial reason why they are seeking counseling is merely a symptom of a deeper or more ingrain psychological issues or pattern.  All of us want to feel good about ourselves and about everyone around us each and every day. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work that way.  Some of us struggle with unhappy spouses or partners, unreasonable kids and coworkers, high levels of anxiety, issues from past trauma, bosses demanding more work for less pay, not enough money and unforeseen crises from time to time etc etc etc. It seems like the end of the world when it happens and all we want to do is crawl away and hide!

But hiding solves NOTHING! All it does is prolong pain and emotional anguish. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to in a relaxing environment and a therapist can help you see that things are manageable, will work out in a manner that brings satisfaction and that emotional pain does not have to be a daily part of your existence.  DeAne and Live Life Counseling and Consulting focuses on establishing an open dialogue approach to individual therapy can help you identify and resolve life issues from the past in a healthy way so that you live your life today in a manner that is satisfying to you now and in the future


Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is available at Live Life Counseling to all partners regardless of age, race, sexually orientation, or background. We respect and work with partners who are in traditional or contemporary relationships as well as individuals who live alternate lifestyles.

One of the goals for most couple counseling sessions is to build effective communication between all members; something that was not quite there before. Sometimes there are also individual problems that may be better treated in individual therapy while continuing with the couples work on a less frequent basis. Learning how to maintain your personal identity and formulating separate relationship identity is one of the keys to achieving a healthy balance in a romantic relationship(s).

By examining and highlighting the unconscious dynamics that individuals in a relationship(s) are engage in, the conflicts become reduced. More awareness is usually achieved and the ground work is set for healthier functioning. 

Conversation and learning how to truly listen, process, and then respond can allow people to feel more connected, validated and understood by their partners despite having emotional or life stressors. More and more couples want to understand why their relationships are stressed. Relationships can be difficult, especially when modern society allows so many different definitions of what a relationship can and should be.  We have reality TV shows that tell us how to love, how to communicate, how to be romantic and ultimately how to fight. Yikes! These are not always healthy depictions of normative interactions.  Since it is not uncommon for partners to realize that they have different expectations based on what society has “told them”, couples counseling helps bring people together in order to discuss these dynamics in a therapeutic environment. Dilemmas and challenges will arise throughout the course of every relationship, and so every relationships have the potential to benefit from couples counseling. It’s no mystery that couples tend to blame their partners for the problems in their current relationship. However, it is much more difficult to identify the challenge each individual faces. It’s a simple equation: each individual is responsible for their own behavior and response to issues and conflict.

Again, couples counseling can help people in almost all situations, and doesn’t just apply to dysfunctional situations. Obtaining knowledge and understanding one’s personal role in conflict   is one of the ultimate goals. DeAne approaches each couple’s concerns in an individualized manner and then guides each member of the relationship in learning how their personal identity impacts the couple’s identity.  It is okay to say, “My relationship can improve”.  It is up to you to envision a better relationship and counseling can be a positive step towards you living the life you want in your relationship.



Group Counseling

Based up on interest, the following groups may also be available throughout the year. 

  • Women’s Self Esteem & Empowerment

  • Depression Support Group

  • Anger Management

  • Teen Self Esteem

  • Coping with Grief and Loss

  • Pre and Post Bariatric Surgery Support

  • Self Care and Personal Meditation

  • Religious Trauma Recovery Group

  • Identity Formation Group

  • Life Management Skills Group

Call us at 321-689-9148 for additional information on services and groups. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to being a source of support and resource for you and your counseling needs.

Self - Empowerment Group for Woman

This group will focus on:

• Learning how to increase self acceptance
• Exploring personal motivation for positive change
• Increasing confidence levels
• Building a stronger foundation to deal with life transitions
• Fostering a healthy balance in terms of self care and family care
• Creating healthier communication patterns

This 5 week group is a mixture of cognitive behavioral approaches, psychodrama techniques, and expressive arts geared toward creating a firmer personal identity and healthier coping skills. Next anticipated date July 2019.

Self - Esteem Group for Teen Girls Ages 15 to 19

This group will focus on:

  • Anger Management

  • Career Concerns

  • Dealing with Peer Pressure

  • Decision Making Skills

  • Family Conflict Resolution

  • Life Skills

  • Relationship / Dating Concerns

  • Self Esteem Building

  • Creativity

This 4 week summer group is a mixture of cognitive behavioral approaches, play activities, psychodrama techniques, and expressive art therapy geared towards building creativity, self esteem, motivation for success and personal awareness. Next anticipated start date: June 2019.

Anger Management Group

This group will focus on:

• Understanding the importance of Anger in a Generalized and Personalized Manner
• Exploring Personal Emotional Expression and Anger Triggers
• Accepting Personal Responsibility for Anger and Past Consequences of Ineffective Anger Expression
• Learning Effective Anger Management Techniques
• Building Effective and Proactive Communication Skills. 
• Increasing Confidence in being able to Address Conflict Effectively

This 6 week group is a mixture of cognitive behavioral approaches, psychodrama techniques, and expressive arts geared toward creating more effective coping skills in dealing with multiple levels of anger issues and personal expression. TBA

Grief and Loss Workshop

Many times people associate grief and loss with the death of a loved one; however, most of us have experienced many other types of losses such as the loss of a job, loss of an ideal or dream, loss of financial stability etc. These other situations of loss can have a profound effect on a person and how they cope with additional life stressors and function over all in life.

The focus of this one time 2- hour workshop is to introduce you to the complexities of grief and loss, provide deeper understanding of the different types of grief, explore how you may be experiencing these issues in your life and what step you can take to move forward in a healthy and proactive manner. TBA