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Are you dealing with conflict in your relationship and not sure where your relationship is headed? Do you have a difficult time trusting your partner or earning back trust yourself? Do you want to communicate better, improve intimacy, and grow closer as a couple while still maintaining your own personal identity?

Counseling may help. 

Do you worry excessively or feel nervous a lot? Are you dealing with deep sadness or struggling with insecure feelings or isolation?  Have you had a recent life crisis that you are highly stressed about? Are your moods shifts beginning to affect your work life or relationships?

Counseling can help. 

Is your child overly defiant or hyperactive? Do you struggles with maintaining your anger levels with your children? Do you feel overwhelmed with the chaos of life and not sure what to do ?

We are available to help!  

DeAne Matthew is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and is the primary psychotherapist of Live Life Counseling and Consulting. She provides mental health counseling services to individuals, couples & families in Orange & Seminole counties and works together with you to create an individualized plan of action based upon your personal history, current support systems, & available resources. DeAne is well versed in working with a wide variety of clients and embraces diversity in terms of culture, sexual orientation, lifestyle, religion, and multiple other aspects of life thats makes each person unique. 

How do I begin? Selecting a therapist may seem like a daunting feat. Don’t worry; you are not alone. Many individuals struggle with navigating mental health services initially and often times it can be overwhelming. However, it is important to remember that YOU are the one taking this step and it important that services meet YOUR needs. At Live Life Counseling and Consulting, we are committed to providing you with positive therapeutic care or guide you towards more appropriate care in the central Florida area. We recognize that life can present many complicated moments, such as challenges in relationships with family or a partner, a transition in or a search for a career path, or difficulty handling increased work or family stress. At times, these challenges can leave a person feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to manage. However, at times, these challenges are the very things that can lead to personal growth and increased self-reflection. Counseling can be extremely beneficial to individuals who find themselves unable to cope with life's challenges and feeling unable to resolve those problems and challenges on their own. Counseling can also be helpful in helping to resolve moments when more serious challenges arise, such as depression, grief & loss, anxiety or in facing turbulent relationships. Live Life Counseling and Consulting is an option; a positive step to get you started on truly living the life that you desire and that you deserve as a valuable individual. 

Allow today to be the day that you start living YOUR Life!

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