DeAne is proud to be a well versed therapist who has worked with a wide variety of concerns since 2004. Listed below are just a few issues she specializes in and how she addresses each of these concerns. Please feel free to contact DeAne and Live Life Counseling and Consulting to inquire on if we would be a good fit for you and your concerns. 



 Other Common Concerns:

 Accepting & Managing Chronic Illness
 Addiction Recovery              
ADHD, ADD, & Concentration Issues
Adjusting to Life Transitions & Stages
Anger Identification and Anger Management
Anxiety & Stress Management
Behavioral Counseling for Children and Teens
Career Transitions and Academic Life Issues
Christian Counseling
Communication Skill Building & Assertiveness
Coping with Depression and other Mood Issues
Family Issues and Generational  Concerns
General Life Management
Geriatric Issues
GLBTQ Concerns
Grief, Loss & Trauma Recovery
Identity Formation
Lack of Motivation & Goal Setting
Life Management Issues
Low Self-Esteem & Confidence Building
Multicultural & Diversity Issues
Non – traditional Relationship Issues
Pre-Marital concerns
Religion Issues & Belief Exploration
Religious Trauma Recovery
Romantic Relationships
Self-Doubt & Negative Thinking Patterns
Self-Perception and Personal Roles
Sexual Identity & Orientation
Substance Abuse Prevention