We at Live Life Counseling and Consulting strive to provide ethical proactive mental health counseling to individuals, families and couples in central FL regardless of race, sexual orientation, lifestyles, religion and the many other factors that makes people who they are. DeAne is the owner / primary therapist and usually has a couple of other mental health counselors working with her at her Maitland office on providing mental health services and support to clients. We all see the value in diversity and strives to create a comfortable environment for all.

About Mental Health - Mental Health Counseling is a process by which an interpersonal relationship between two or more people (one being the counselor) can guide you in creating positive long term change in your life. It can help you determine what your short term and long term goals are, how your thoughts and feelings are affecting your daily relationships, or how your past experiences are creeping up and challenging you in the present day.

Each counseling experience is individualized and personal due to each person being different and having different needs. And not every counselor is suited for every person. It is important to be mindful that finding a counselor is a personal endeavor; but it may feel unnatural, frustrating, or even unnecessary especially in the beginning of your search. However, counseling can be an important tool for someone who is battling with relationship conflicts, past trauma, or other life concerns. Counseling is able to give a person the opportunity to be in a relationship in which you can be your real self, with virtues as well as with imperfections, where you can let your guard down and not have to constantly pretend that everything is “just peachy” or "alright" without fear of rejection, discrimination, or judgment.

The client’s open, honest and accurate reporting of dilemmas and concerns are vital to progressive progress in therapy. Self-exploration, insight, exploring options for dealing with problematic behaviors, learning new skills, or venting difficult feelings / experiences are generally very useful; nevertheless some risk do exist. Please understand that throughout the course of therapy some individuals experience unwanted feelings, and that examining old issues may produce unhappiness, anger, guilt or frustration. These feelings are difficult, but a natural part of the psychotherapeutic process and often provide the basis for change. Important decisions are often an outcome of counseling. These decisions, including changing behavior, exploring employment opportunities, substance abuse patterns, schooling, and relationships, are likely to produce new opportunities as well as unique challenges for each individual involved.


Our Motto at Live Life Counseling is:

Healing Hearts, Restoring Relationships, Liberating Lives