Live Life Counseling and Consulting is primarily a private pay practice. This allows us to create a more personalized plan of action for your mental health needs without the involvement of insurances and third parties. However, we still do accept some insurances on a limited basis and will work with you if needed regarding out of network benefits.  

Private pay rates:

$140 intake / first session

$120 per 50 min session


College Student, Mental Health Professionals, and Older Adult Rates available. 

Please call for additional information! 


Insurances Accepted:



Cenpatico / Sunshine State - Medicaid

If we do not accept your insurance, we are happy to provide you with appointment receipts, so that you may seek potential reimbursement through your insurance; however, we do not guarantee reimbursement. Additional Medicaid subgroups may be accepted as well.

Accepted Forms Of Payment

Live Life Counseling and Consulting accepts all major credit cards, cash, and health savings debit cards. We do not accept checks on the first visit but you may pay by check after the initial visit.

Why Consider Paying Privately or “Out of Pocket”?
In order to have therapy services covered under insurance, a mental health diagnosis must be made. Therefore, some of our clients choose to pay out of pocket for their services. Also, some clients choose not to involve their insurance that they may be able to maintain a higher level of control over how many sessions, what types of sessions and where there sessions are held. Insurance companies often limit the number of sessions and many companies do not even cover couples/relational or family therapy.  We respect your choice and will work with you regarding what you decide is best. 

By paying privately or out of pocket, your records are exempt from insurance reporting. We are able to assure private pay clients the highest degree of privacy, flexibility, and control of their mental health record allowed by Florida state law. At Live Life Counseling and Consulting, we work collaboratively with our clients to decide how often you should attend therapy, and you decide what you want to focus on.

This allows you have the control, not the insurance company.